Summer Is Coming, Don't Wait for the Heat

Summer Is Coming, Don’t Wait for the Heat

As the summer is coming up quickly, we do not recommend you to wait for the 100+ degree heat weather to schedule your service call.

Here’s a typical checklist of items that we recommend you to do:

– Ensure that you have replaced your AC filter regularly

– Service your AC at least once per year

– Save on the electricity cost by upgrading to the energy-efficient smart thermostat

Did you know that you can save on electricity cost upwards of $1,200 per year by upgrading to the smart thermostat? The new devices by Honeywell, Nest, and ecobee3 can be lifesavers when it comes to proper cooling of your home as well as saving money! You can set your desired settings and program it in a way so that it can keep the temperatures higher when you are away from home, but cool down  your place when you are coming back. You can also manage it remotely, and change the temperature from your smartphone.

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