We Love Our Clients!

We Love Our Clients!

Thank you Hot Purple Energy for trusting Nicol Climate Control to keep your office cool!


Hot Purple Energy was founded in 2009 to fill the much needed void in the Coachella Valley of solar contractors with true General Contracting experience.  At that point, and to some degree even today, solar was being offered by companies that were based in sales and marketing rather than hands on construction trade knowledge.  As solar is often added to an existing home or business, having the intimate knowledge of how the home or business is constructed allows Hot Purple Energy to properly and aesthetically integrate the solar into the structure rather than merely bolt it on.

Time and time again, they have been able to put solar where others cannot; to hide solar where others cannot, and to make true energy saving recommendations minimizing the need or scope of solar, that others would rather not.

Beyond the nuts and bolts, beyond the concern for design and maximum solar production, they are a committed community partner.   This is a small community that they are part of and dedicated to.  They have earned the trust of their clients and their communities by being truth mongers about solar and all things energy related, but also by rolling up their sleeves to help those in need and to make the Coachella Valley better for all.

They have enjoyed the 100’s of solar systems they’ve installed per year saving their clients money and lessening their reliance on fossil fuels, as well as the 100’s of annual not for profits and community events they solar power, sponsor and/or participate in.  They consider themselves lucky to be able to do both.

Their mission has never been about selling the most solar panels, but rather advocating for smarter energy choices, which hopefully leads to smarter choices across the board.  They are proud of their 8 years of advancing health, wealth, and happiness and look forward to the doing much more in the years to come.

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